About Us

Welcome to the Texas Tech Feral Cat Program website!

We are a TNR(Trap, Neuter, Return) Program that focuses on cats on the Texas Tech campus.


Experience the joy and satisfaction of improving cats’ and kittens’ sacred lives through the Texas Tech Feral Cat Program!

Benefits to volunteers

  • Professional work experience for your resume, job or college / graduate-school entrance application(s) or honor-society’s community-service requirements
  • Letter of reference or support:  based on volunteer’s level of effectiveness, efficiency, initiative & continuous quality improvements
  • Replicable documents & systems-of-work to support volunteer’s future activities
  • Access to 10,000+ contacts (including area universities’ & colleges’ Career Centers) in fulfillment of volunteer’s goals to wherever s/he works, worships, volunteers, learns, plays or thrives
  • Invitations, upon request, to complimentary luncheon(s) with The Lubbock Rotary Club (www.LubbockRotary.org), the Lubbock Lions Club (www.LubbockLions.org)

Long-term volunteer opportunities, based on volunteer’s interests, skills, goals & availability

  • Track & schedule spay/neuter &/or vaccination visits for 23+  foster cats
  • Track & coordinate volunteer transportation to-from Wellness Clinic appointments
  • Track & transport foster cats to-from two-hour Wellness Clinic appointments on Tuesday evenings
  • Track & transport foster cats (& their crunchy Science Diet food) to and from PetSmart on South Slide
  • Refresh weekly:  up to 11 feral cats’ feeding stations across TX Tech Univ. campus
  • Provide weekly:  15+ lb. sack(s) of crunchy cat food for TTU Feral Cat Program
  • Coordinate the loan & return of six live traps & $67 HSWT feral-cat spay/neuter/rabies-vaccination vouchers
  • Design, create & post pre-approved, e-endearing photos & engaging biographies of foster cats on Craig’s List & elsewhere online or via social media.
  • Notify Alice.White@TTU.edu of additions & updates needed within the “Animal Welfare” section of www.AliceWhite.WordPress.com

Volunteer Career Ladder

  • Train new volunteers with their respective duties
  • Coordinate with HSWT President and with Lydia Kong, lydia.kong@ttu.edu to search for grants (via Lubbock Area Foundation Library:  www.LubbockAreaFoundation.org) & to apply for grants for feeding-station supplies.
  • Coordinate with TTU Feral Cat Program student leaders, co-advisors, employees & on-campus sites to Trap / Neuter / Release feral cats on campus.

We are also affiliated with the Humane Society of West Texas.

www.HumaneSocietyOfWestTexas.org or HSWT.org@GMail.com or 806-799-PETS (7387)

P.O. Box 67645, 5106 Ave. T ,Lubbock  TX 79424


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I am a huge cat lover and current cat owner of two! I would love to help by volunteering, or whatever else needs to be done around campus for the cats health and well being. Please let me know!

  2. Who should I contact about helping with the TNR? I am a student and would love to help out but I am confused about who to contact.

    Sarah Pettit

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